Lapeer County Road Commission

Goal: Our goal is to serve Lapeer County by maintaining all county roads, bridges, and culverts within our jurisdiction to provide convenience and safety for the public.


Bidding with Lapeer County Road Commission

In 2019 Lapeer County Road Commission (LCRC) has decided to utilize an online bidding site to host all of their bids. Beginning January 23, 2019 all bids for materials, services, equipment, annual bids, etc. will be hosted on Bid Express. Vendors can view LCRC on Bid Express using the link below.
In order to download attached documents, in regards to the bids, you must register with Bid Express. There is no cost to register or add your name to the basic plan holders list. However, if you wish to submit a bid there is a small fee. Vendors have the option to "pay as you go", or they can pay a monthly subscription. With the monthly subscription vendors can choose to follow LCRC and receive notifications each time we advertise, amend, or withdraw a solicitation.

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Mailbox Damage Caused by Road Commission Operations:
Occasionally, the Road Commission, as a result of its daily activities such as grading and snow plowing, may accidentially strike, knock down or damage a mailbox. Because of statutory responsiblity of the Road Commission to maintain the roadways and County right-of-ways, the agency is not held liable or responsible for any damage caused to private installations located within those roads and/or right-of-ways. However, the Road Commission shall offer the owner a replacement post and mailbox, which will be available at the Road Commission office.




Visit the Road Projects page for details about road projects in your area.



Michigan Railroads

Reflective Traffic Signs-Railroad Crossing,Black on White,Aluminum,9' W x 48' H,Non-Adhesive,Not Laminated,9',Each
Please visit the Michigan Railroads Association wepage for more information on the railroads in your area.




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