Lapeer County Road Commission

Our goal is to serve Lapeer County by maintaining all county roads, bridges, and culverts within our jurisdiction to provide convenience and safety for the public.



Winter Maintenance - Snow Plowing Priorities

-Priority I: State Highways (Red
-Priority II: County Primary Roads (Blue)
-Priority III: County Local Roads (Black)
---Roads are color coded on county map---


Miles of Roadway:
292 Lane Miles maintained under contract with MDOT (State Highways)
359 Miles Primary Road System
951 Miles Local Road System


In accordance with State of Michigan Law Act No. 82, Public Acts of 1978, 257.677
It is illegal to remove snow, ice or slush onto or across a roadway or shoulder of the roadway and deposit it in a manner which causes a hazard or vision obstruction to drivers of motor vehicles.



Second Shovel



Always Keep a Safe Distance


*Remember when traveling near a snow plow that they may not beable to see you, they may stop or back up so ALWAYS keep a safe distance.
*The road in front of the plow is most likely in worse condition than the road behind the plow. Typically a plow will travel under 35 MPH, for your safety it is recommended that you stay behind the plow at a safe distance.
*During operations, visibilty is reduced by moving snow and plow operators need extra time to stop or move out of the way of stranded vehicles. To avoid an accident keep a safe distance bewteen your vehicle and the plow.
*When passing a snow plow allow plenty of room.The blade on the truck extends several feet, do not cut back into the lane to quickly in front of the plow. Some of the Lapeer County Road Commission snow plows are equipped with a 10 - 12 foot wing plow off the side of the truck. Beware that this may exist as a hazard.
*When you see a snow plow approaching on an undivided highway, move as far as you safely can from the center line to allow room for the snow plow blade that may be hard to see.
*To see and be seen turn on your headlights, brush off headlights and taillights often.
*Driving in winter conditions requires motorists to be alert and cautious, the most important tip for driving in winter conditions is: Slow Down!



Mailbox Damage Caused by Road Commission Operations:

 Occasionally, the Road Commission, as a result of its daily activities such as grading and snow plowing, may accidentally strike, knock down or damage a mailbox. Because of statutory responsibility of the Road Commission to maintain the roadways and County rightof-ways, the agency is not held liable or responsible for any damage caused to private installations located within those roads and/or right-of-ways. However, the Road Commission shall offer the owner a replacement post and mailbox, which will be available at the Road Commission office. The owner shall contact the Road Commission and pick up the replacement post and mailbox within thirty (30) days of the incident. Replacements will not be available after this thirty (30) day period.
 The Road Commission reserves the right not to offer a replacement post and mailbox if they feel the replacement is not justified.

Please visit our policy page to view more Lapeer County Road Commission policies.






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